aeureka sanitizers for environments

Everything you can imagine, nature has already created.

- Albert Einstein -

aeureka sanitizers for environments

We combine design, functionality and effectiveness.

We offer innovative solutions to improve the well-being of people, in their homes and in the places where they work.

ÆUREKA is an innovative startup, founded by a team of professionals with decades of experience in product design and industrialization,with particular attention to design and technological innovations.
The different experiences and skills have allowed us to create ÆRIS, a line of unique sanitizers for environments, to guarantee quality and safety without sacrificing Italian elegance.


Our strengths

Creativity and innovation: Made in Italy products
iaq_ase certificate
IAQ_ASE certification
We can give you the IAQ_ASE (Indoor Air Quality) certificate, validated by Bureau Veritas through the best authorized laboratories on the national territory, which will carry out pre and post intervention tests and verify that the sanitary quality of the air reached in your room is within the legal limits.
Continuous Active Sanitization ®
The ÆRIS models operate continuous sanitization h24 / day 365, because, due to their operating characteristics, they can remain activated in the presence of people, guaranteeing the sanitization of the air and of all surfaces precisely in the moments of greatest need, without any contraindications even for animals and plants.
Medical device

Each ÆRIS model uses a Class 1 medical device – CЄ ReSPR by ReSPR Technologies (registration number 1996331 of 24 September 2020 at the Ministry of Health), they comply with the D.L. 46/1997 and Directive 93/42 EEC.

Temporarily suspended pending a new European legislature for sanitizing devices.

4.0 technology

Some ÆRIS models can be equipped with 4.0 technology which, through an Android / IOS application, allows the appliance to be controlled remotely to program it on and off, check the life of the internal UVX lamp and ensure that everything works correctly to be able to create the sanitizing plasma.

Ozone free

The photo-catalyst module adopted by ÆRIS generates no ozone (O3). Ozone has potentially harmful side effects, especially for sensitive subjects, even if in small amounts tolerated by the current norms.
Ozone could also be absorbed by textiles and furniture stuffing, and later be slowly released over time, with no possibility to prevent it from happening.

Tailor-made projects

Our company manufactures, assembles and personally checks its products, so we can provide you with spare parts and technical assistance. We are able to analyze and develop dedicated sanitation projects, from the customization of the products in the catalog to completely new solutions.

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The HOME models discreetly and elegantly fit in a home or office setting, or any setting that demands their use.

The stainless-steel body’s resistance to internal oxidation, the durmast oak finish, the water-based varnishes all exemplify the profound care for recycling, the environment and the user itself.

The 4.0 technology our air sanitization and monitoring devices are based on allows the user to take advantage of state-of-the-art control and supervising possibilities, meeting the demands of the customers more attentive to smart home management.

The PRO line,with its simpler and more practical look, best befits professional and healthcare environments.

The stainless-steel body’s resistance to internal oxidation and makes the product easy to clean, resistant in any environment and recyclable.

The 4.0 technologyallows you to remotely control, start and turn off the device and check the remaining internal UV lamp life.

We guarantee the result according to the law

Do you want proof?

At Æureka we can deliver the facts of what we promise, as the ReSPR ™ core of our devices boasts innovations, procedures and protocols honed over years of work.

This allows us to be able to give you the IAQ_ASE (Indoor Air Quality) certificate, validated by Bureau Veritas through the best authorized laboratories on the national territory, which will carry out pre and post intervention tests and verify that the sanitary quality of the air reached in the your premises is within the legal limits indicated for the intended use in question.

“What do we mean by Indoor Air Quality? The presence in the environment of an air that has comfortable temperature and humidity values, but that is also under control due to the contribution of pollutants, contaminants and pathogens of physical, chemical and microbiological origin.”

IAQ-ASE Competence Center – Marco Oldrati

Only with the IAQ_ASE certificate you will have microbiological and viral tests and verifications also on the presence of the SARS CoV 2 virus, responsible for the COVID 19 disease.

iaq_ase certificate


The advertising space is combined with the beneficial action of continuous active sanitation.

With our Æris PH01N – PH02N -PH03N systems you can sanitize large spaces, exhibition halls, meeting rooms and sports halls.

We can manage customizations of sponsors and brands that will be printed on a ferrite support, easily interchangeable and with high quality printing.

For the first time, the management of advertising space is combined with the beneficial function of continuous active sanitation, a unique patent in the world.


ÆRIS: learn from nature

Photosynthesis is the basis of life in nature; it nourishes the plants by transforming carbon dioxide into oxygen.

This oxidation process inspired us to create a sanitization system which offers an all-natural, ultimately thorough, continuous filtration system.

Technological progress, industrialization, excessive urbanization and the anthropization of large areas have progressively polluted air, modifying its composition.

Æris brings the air we breathe back to its pristine state.
Air-purifying technology

Infection occurs mainly in crowded environments with contact from infected bodily fluids, objects or contaminated microparticles. Our devices, inspired by nature, artificially recreate a photocatalysis process that generates plasma which sanitizes the air, resulting in active sanitization.

This plasma easily spreads through the whole environment, decontaminating objects and surfaces too. Think of how a drop of ink would spread through water contained in an aquarium. The photocatalysis-related oxidation generates hydroxides and superoxides, resulting in the natural transformation of air humidity into hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), a viral biocide; the above-mentioned hydroxides and superoxides react with suspended and surface-dwelling pathogenic microorganisms, disrupting the proteins and the fats of their protective membrane, damaging their molecular structure, eliminating them or making them innocuous.

This process is also beneficial as it cleanses the air from particulates, which also cause the infecting microorganisms to spread. Moreover, it also absorbs odours related to bacteria, mould spores and volatile chemicals present in some cleaners. The microparticles that did not get in touch with pathogenic microorganisms or other impurities keep their sanitizing effect, until they naturally deteriorate over time becoming oxygen (O) and humidity (H2O).

Scientific research

Hydrogen peroxide, a sanitizer officially acknowledged by the World Health Organization (WHO) is generated in accordance with the current rules, thus allowing the continuous sanitization to take place in the presence of humans. Its effectiveness has been analysed and acknowledged by researches and lab tests, among which an official recognition in contrasting Sars-Cov2 issued the University of Wisconsin on 09-11-2020. This has allowed our catalyst module to be officially classified as a Class 1 Medical Device (registration no. 1996331).
In the international medical journal "Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology" of Cambridge University , the study of a group of researchers of the University of Naples Federico II was recently published.

The research highlights the efficacy of water-diluted hydrogen peroxide Covid-related prevention and prophylaxis when sprayed in the mouth, in the throat, in the nose or used for hand disinfection.

Our products’ technology is inspired from industrial applications used in aerospace and ensures a constant sanitization of the environment in the presence of humans with a 99% efficacy rate
Go for the continuous sanitization!

Pathogenic microorganisms in search of a new host to reproduce in are more vulnerable and exposed to the aggression of oxidizers and certain light spectra when they are suspended in the air or dwelling on furniture and object surfaces.
Certain situations, such as closed and crowded environments, high people turn-over rate, insufficient fresh air flow and subpar hygiene standards allow bacteria, fungi and viruses to spread more easily, and favour the presence of infecting microorganisms borne by particulates.

The Covid-19 report no. 25/2020 issued by the Italian National Institute of Health (ISS) lists a variety of adoptable sanitizing methods. Saturating the air with chlorine or ozone, as well as with hydrogen peroxide, is an option, but the environment should be sealed during the treatment and thoroughly ventilated after it; such solutions require the intervention of specialized and adequately protected personnel; moreover, furniture, objects and plants could be subjected to damage.
These systems have contraindications, they have a remarkable cost and yet cannot be considered decisive in providing a solution to the problem, as they cannot be adopted in the presence of workers or of the general public. The UV-light solution does not need any specialized personnel, but it still requires an adequate electrical system and can be adopted only when the environment is sealed and inaccessible. It is therefore also inconclusive.
Disinfection reduces the microbial count, while cleaning eliminates the unwanted bacterial sediment; sanitization achieves both results at once through an efficient combination of procedures and operations.

The complete environment sanitization achieved by our devices allows human presence and makes air a sanitizing agent itself. The products’ efficacy has been officially certified through a Class 1 CЄ Medical Device acknowledgement.

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