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Everything you can imagine, nature has already created.

- Albert Einstein -

aeureka sanificatori per ambienti

We combine design, functionality and effectiveness.

We offer innovative solutions to improve the well-being of people, in their homes and in the places where they work.

ÆUREKA is an Italian company that designs and produces patented systems for sanitizing air and surfaces in indoor environments. Guaranteeing the quality of the air where training, work and production activities take place and where a good part of the day is spent means creating greater well-being and therefore promoting the best results in the activity carried out and in productivity.

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Our strengths

Creativity and results: Made in Italy products

Our sanitizer lines, use elements that, through the process of photochemical conversion, activate heterogeneous photocatalysis.

Effectiveness for high killing rate of bacteria, fungi, yeasts, molds and viruses.

Absence of Ozone production as tested  by Accredia Accredited Laboratories.

Generation of a pure plasma leading to the creation of hydrogen peroxide that remains well below legally mandated limits.

The effectiveness of our systems has been validated by tests and certifications issued by Accredia Accredited Laboratories Air and surface quality achieved is demonstrated by pre- and post-intervention testing.

Operation even in the presence of people, animals and plants, for Permanent Dynamic Sanitization H24, at the time of need.

“Industry 4.0” technology with remote control, diagnostics, programming and reading of operating parameters, thanks to the patented proprietary ӔrsystemTM board. 

Our systems are considered a collective technical measure of prevention and protection for the elimination or reduction of indoor microbiological risk, according to Italian Legislative Decree No. 81 – 2008.

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